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Proprietary Home Automation or IP Based Open Automation Systems


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If you have more to control than an AV system, for example lights or other devices, from many locations, a Home Automation System is the obvious choice.

There are two main types of Home Automation System - the Proprietary Bus and Open IP Platform Type. 

These systems can control any connected device given any connected trigger with any amount of logic in between.  An example of an excellent proprietary bus home automation system is the Centralite Automation System.  Check out  www.techstyle.co.nz for more information.

Keypads are located around the site wherever control is required from - i.e. lightswitch positions, audio control positions etc, and the commands are fed back to a central processor which processes the command, applies any logic that has been added and triggers the output.  

Some systems use intelligence at the keypad to send a coded message or contain programming -  these are distributed processing systems.  Other systems keypads' are simply contact closures, all the intelligence is contained at the central hub.

A Step up from the Proprietary Bus system is the Open IP Platform system.  With this type of system, along with the control of lights loads and other devices by IR and RS232 from wall mounted keypads or LCD screens, you can interface to IP based devices such as web cameras, media pc's DVR's the internet etc.  This type of system also permits remote control from web based devices like on-site PC's web tablets or web enabled phones, or offsite from any of these devices.

LCD Screens are used around the site where many different controls are required or video needs to be displayed. These screens are similar to the IR Learning remote in that they can be programmed with whatever features are required, but different in that they can report system information i.e. load status (the floor heating is on) or string information (coldplay track 5) or (on a well appointed system) display video pictures from a gate camera or other source.

For an excellent example of this type of system visit www.aa.net.nz and look at the vantage infusion range of home automation products.



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