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Infrared Learning Remote


Philips 9400 Remote


Philips 9600 LCD
Touchscreen remote

To control a basic AV system with one remote control rather than a coffee table full, the simplest form of control system is the Infrared Learning Remote. This system is stand alone and fully self contained, and may be programmed either directly by the donor remote or via a PC over a USB connection. 

The remote is pointed at the equipment or at an infrared repeater in a case where the equipment is hidden or in a cupboard or another room.

Philips and Marantz make the leading LCD Remote controllers.  Philips TSU9200 & TSU9400 for bedrooms and small systems and the TSU9600 and TSU9800 or Marantz RC9001 are well suited to large system control.

A good learning remote will permit you to build macro's, add your own buttons and graphics, and will not lose programming when the batteries go flat.



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