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Cell phone

SMS-IO Devices are controlled
with text messages

Short-Range Offsite control can be achieved by 303MHz, 433MHz or 27MHz radio remote controls, talking back to a radio card or alarm panel.  These types of controls are usually used to open gates, turn on lights and Arm or Disarm an alarm system.  With the 27MHz system the range in a rural setting can be many kilometers and these systems have been used to light up whole properties and boat ramps from the sea to guide returning vessels to the jetty.

For longer range control - the POTS Touch-tone phone control system is probably the most cost effective and user friendly system available - A common feature of well specified alarm panels - the user is able to dial the site and control and know the status of any connected device. 

There are usually 4-8 outputs on these devices.  The system requires the use of a landline for the phone call to arrive on. For an example of a POTS phone Control system - check out the iNET CG16 Security system from www.techstyle.co.nz.

Where a landline is not always possible or cost effective the GSM SMS-IO system may be more suitable.  Running off a GSM sim card, the system can be texted by a user to control a connected device - for example a hot water cylinder or under floor heating system, and the status of the load can be reported back via SMS to the users phone. This system does not require a landline. 

A variation of this system is available where the user calls the device and hangs up - the caller id is matched to a user database and triggers an output - i.e. releases a carpark gate.  

A handy use of the text system is the PVR video recorder that can be texted by the owner to record a program - from anywhere in the world (even from under the table at the local restaurant) For more information on SMS IO systems visit www.aa.net.nz.

Where control of more than 6-8 devices or more detailed feedback is required the IP enabled Home Automation system described above can be used - in conjunction with a static IP address or "DNS to go" service.  This will provide full control over the homes systems from offsite. 

An example of where this is particularly useful is for unmanaged lodges so the site can be configured for the arrival of a guest - floors on, hot water running, air-conditioning at their desired temperature etc, and the system will confirm that the devices are running as directed.


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