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Home Control

Control Touchpanel

Crestron Wif Tablet (on it's dock)

Simple control of the devices in your home is an important factor in the usability of your smarthome system.

This information presented here is specifically regarding control systems and assumes that you already have smarthome devices either in the home or designed to go into the home.

Smarthomes control is divided into two key areas, Onsite and Offsite.

Onsite control is usually done from wall mounted keypads, LCD touchscreens, infrared remote controls, rf remote controls or wifi control of some description. 

Offsite control is most commonly done via 303mhz, 433mhz or 27mhz radio remote control, POTS Touch-tone phone control, GSM or DAMPS text control or internet control via a browser or PC application.

Control systems commonly used in smart home control are Learning Remote Controls, Alarm panels, Text IO systems, Proprietary Home Automation Systems or IP Based Open Automation Systems

For DIY information on how to design a smart home go to www.smarthome.org.nz.


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